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These General Terms govern the contract concerning the sale and supply of Pin-craft Srl.
These General Terms apply in general to all sales contracts stipulated by the firm.
Any clause established by the Buyers is null if in contrast with the following term and if not expressly undersigned by Pin-craft Srl. The following stay besides valid in case of conflict whereas have been established specific conditions between the buyer and Pin-craft Srl.
Even if not expressly envisaged, current Italian low shall hold, also for goods sold abroad.

All the characteristics of Pin-craft Srl. products are as given in the latest catalogue currently in force, for the product models in the current product range. The firm, however reserves the right, without warning, to bring any change to its own products, if deemed necessary to adapt its products to the demands of production or to the business strategy.

The Contract of Sale is understood to be bending for both parties as of the date of issue of our order confirmation.
The supply comprises EXCLUSIVELY the products and services specified in our order confirmation to our general terms of sale. Orders must be transmitted in writing (or by mail or fax) to pin-craft Srl.
The orders concerning products requiring total or partial customized constructions will be accepted only after the approval and return of the signed technical drawings by the purchaser.

The Contractual Prices are the ones given in the Order Confirmation and are to consider to the clean of VAT; from the prices, shipping and packing costs are excluded, unless agreed otherwise.
In case of price variations of the necessary pieces for the order execution because of following events to the conferment of the order and preceding the delivery, Pin- craft reserves the right to alter prices of sale in corresponding measure, then the firm will apply the current prices at the time of shipment or of delivery of the goods. Consequently the data brought on catalogues and on price lists don’t have obligatory but purely indicative value.

The delivery Terms of the Contractual Product, brought on the order confirmation, have purely indicative character, and consist in a simple forecast of the necessary time for the delivery and as such they are respected as far as possible with the exclusion of every possible claim of reimbursement from the customer for possible delays.
Pin-craft Srl. doesn’t take the liability of the goods transport, that therefore travel to expenses, risk and danger of the buyer, through the mean held by Pin-craft Srl. most proper excepted different conditions or indications undersigned by the parts.
It is agreed that the delivery of Contractual Product shall be “free at the Pin-craft Srl. plant”.
Delivery is understood to be made to all intents and purposes with the verbal or written communication that the goods are at the Buyer’s disposal for collection, or at the time of delivery to the currier. After delivery has been made, all risks concerning the material sold are taken on by the Buyer.
If the Buyer, having been informed of the availability of the products ordered, fails to collect the products at once or to accept the product being delivered, all the expenses and costs arising from said failure shall be borne by the buyer, subject to Pin-craft’s right to seek further damage.

If there are no particular instructions, Pin-craft prepares the packing, where necessary, in the best way and anyhow always at the Buyer’s expense, with no responsibility on our part.

Payments must be made at the domicile of Pin-craft Srl and according to the agreed Terms.
If missed or delayed payments are verified, Pin-craft Srl will have every right to charge “arrears” in reason of the current legal rate.
The default of the Buyers authorizes Pin-craft Srl to suspend immediately the delivery of any other material, as well as cancel any orders without the Buyer being owed any rights for whatever reason. No compliant or claim gives the Buyer any right to suspend the payment. Any payments made in advance never bear interest.
To the senses of the Art. 1523-1524 of the Civil Code, the transfer of the ownership of the Contractual Product will be considered effected only after the suit payment of the agreed price.

If the goods result useless because of the materials or other causes chargeable to our Society, the claim must be forwarded in writing with registered letter not later than 8 days from the goods reception (it will bear witness the Buyer’s signature of the carriage-note), or from the date of withdrawal of the goods from the firm centre, otherwise declines the possibility to practice every right or action to respect from the Buyer.

Within the limits of the provisions given below, Pin-craft Srl undertakes to guarantee the good quality of the furnished goods and to remedy any flaw of the Contractual Product due to defective design, material or processing, for a time period of 12 months of the date of the delivery of the product.
The possible presence of flaws or defects shall not entail the resolution of the Contract of Sale, nor the Buyer’s faculty to vindicate the right to the reimbursement of the damage, the situation allows only the possibility to get the reparation or the substitution of the defective product, if, according to seem of the Pin-craft Srl, the claim results founded.
This warranty does not cover the defect arising from normal deterioration of the Contract Products.
At all events, the Buyer loses his warranty rights if:
a) the price is not paid within the established time limits;
b) the instructions supplied by Pin-craft Srl on the use, installation and maintenance of Contractual Product are not complied with;
c) the Contractual Product is modified without Pin-craft’s prior consent;
d) the Contractual Product is used for purposes other than their intended use.
The defective products must be returned entire, complete in every part (inclusive the packing) and under perfect conditions to Pin-craft Srl; failing this, any missing part and/or damage will be charged to the Buyer.
Should the product be already installed on board , it is necessary to bring the boat to our nearest assistance point. The warranty under this article does not include, under any circumstances, transport, shipment, travelling and subsistence costs incurred by Pin-craft Srl personnel.

Any dispute as may arise referring with these General Terms of Sale and Warranty and with the sales by these last governed, shall be subject to the sole jurisdiction of the Court of Lucca.
To the senses of the Art. 1341-1342 of the Civil Code, Pin-craft Srl accepts and approves specifically the following provisions:
2) orders; 3) prices; 4) delivery terms; 6) payments; 7) claims; 8) warranty; 9) jurisdiction Competent Court.

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    If you are planning to visit the show, feel free to contact us, send an e-mail and ask for ticket , we will be pleased to send you our invitation!
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    Set up the new hauling and launch system for tender and Jeysky. Discover it under the section: other applications in products category. Watch it in the movie on our FB page.
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